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About Pup-Sit-Match



The concept of a community-based pet care solution was conceived in late 2015 when Paula Bogard, Founder of Pup Sit Match, became inundated with requests for her in-home pet sitting services. Although she found it difficult to turn down any opportunity to watch a dog, she knew having several pups under one roof of a single-family home was not possible. In addition, Paula understands the cost of regular pet care--including overnight visits, doggy daycare and daily dog walks--can be strenuous on pup parent finances. 
About Paula
Paula is a lifelong lover of all animals. As a child growing up in Denver, CO she would roam neighborhood streets looking for creatures of any kind she could get her hands on and take home. These included stray dogs, cats, rabbits, rats/mice, turtles, lizards and bugs. Paula found and rescued her first dog Sandy when she was just 9 years old. 
In 2013, after twenty years in Human Resources, Paula started a homemade dog food delivery services called Chomp & Nibble, Inc. Within a year of being in business, Chomp & Nibble received Pet Food 2.0's award in innovation recognizing the unique packaging and delivery method of Chomp & Nibble's complete and balanced canine meals. However, making dog food did not bring Paula close enough to her furry friends, so she returned to her true passion spending time with dogs and has been an in-home pet sitter for the last several years.  
Paula has been named Rover's Top 100 Sitters and continues to enjoy her days with pups, as well as venturing into new pet care solutions like Pup Sit Match!


"Woof, woof!"

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