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Frequently Asked Questions




What is Pup Sit Match?

Pup Sit Match is a community of canine lovers who swap pet care with other pup parents in their neighborhood. No money is ever exchanged, just dog care. 

What is Pup Apartment and how does it differ from Pup Sit Match and my membership?

Pup Sit Match partners with property managers to bring all that Pup Sit Match has to offer to its tenants. If you would like to see Pup Sit Match offered at your apartment complex, please contact Paula Bogard at  

What type of pet care do people swap?

Dog walks, doggy daycare, overnight pet sitting, wellness visits (quick visit to make sure everyone is doing well) and what we call here at Pup Sit Match ‘just keeping company’, where pups share the same space, just canines no humans, keeping each other company while their human companions are at work.  

Can you describe what pet care swapping might look like?

Pup care swapping varies from swapping dog walks every day (you walk Roxy Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and I’ll walk Buster Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday), to exchanging overnight pet sitting a few times per year while you travel. For example, ‘if you watch Ella while we go to Hawaii in March, I’ll be happy to take care of Taco when we visit Yosemite in June’. 

How do you differ from other pet care solutions?

  1. With the exception of a small monthly subscription fee, pet care is free through our exchange based solution. 

  2. You really get to know the person or family and their pup in a meaningful way.

  3. Your pup will be in a small and intimate setting with just 2-4 dogs sharing their time together.

  4. Our essential extra add-on services ensure a safe environment with those you trust and whom are in a mutually beneficial relationship.  

Who founded Pup Sit Match?

Paula Bogard, a lifelong dog lover, pet sitter, dog food chef and former people person (human resources), conceived of the idea of swapping pet care a couple of years ago. Her insane love of dogs kept her building the Pup Sit Match vision into a comprehensive solution that ensures the safety and wellbeing of dogs at zero cost to pup parents. 

Where are you located and what areas do you service?

We are located in Mountain View, CA. We currently service Mountain View, Los Altos, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale and Santa Clara. Pup Sit Match is already planning to expand to other local communities and even new States...ArROOFF!




What is a Pup Parent? 

A human who parents a canine.

What is a Pup Parent Partnership?

Two pup parent families who partner together to care for one another’s dog(s). 

What is a Pup Playmate Agreement?

A written agreement between Pup Parents outlining what care will be swapped. Our Pup Matchmakers will put this agreement in place for its members when they select this add-on service.  

What are Pup Matchmakers? 

Pup Matchmakers are Pup Sit Match employees who do it all! We organize and host pup mixers, conduct in-home pet safety inspections, develop pup playmate agreements, help pup parents find their pup’s new best friend, and more.  

What are Pup Mixers?

Pup Mixers are an invite-only playdate with other Pup Sit Match members. Pup Mixers are held approximately once per month in your area. You simply sign-up on-line, attend, collect your monthly freebie swag , get to know others in our community, and watch your pups play.

Can you describe your Proprietary Pup Profile Database?

We have worked with designers and developers to build an amazing user experience that makes it both easy to join and to find your pup’s new best friend. Dogs are different and unique and their preferences for a playmate vary too. With this in mind, our search tools make it easy to find the perfect pup parent partnership by conducing searches based on parent style, pup likes and dislikes, geographical area and pet care seeking. 

What are Pup Badges?

Badges are symbols you collect that becomes part of your public profile when you have either completed an add-on service or because you have specific knowledge and experience. Badges are a visual symbol that attracts other pup parents and show our community that health, safety and mutually beneficial relationships are important to you.  For more information please visit our How it Works page

What is Pup Apartment? 

Pup Apartment is a partnership between apartment property managers and Pup Sit Match. We bring our services directly to these communities to create an amazing experience for their tenants and their furry friends. Some of our properties offer Pup Sit Match as an offering (they pay) or as a benefit (you pay). To find out more and or to refer your apartment community, pleased contact Paula Bogard at




What are the benefits and cost of membership?

We have a one-month free trial, a basic serious dog lover plan and a premium mega dog lover plan. Our basic plan is $12.99 per month and gives you access to our pup profile database, unlimited in-mails and invites to Pup Mixers. Our premium plan ($19.99/month) provides all that, plus a discount on all add-on services, monthly swag and pet vendor discounts whenever we can secure them for our members. Please look at our Membership page for more details.

Do you have membership rules?

Yes. First, you must a deep love for all dogs! Second, you must currently be a pup parent because we believe that there is no one better to take care of your canine baby than another pup parent. Third, you must commit to safety and trust, and embrace being in a mutually beneficial relationship for the sake of our best friend! 

How do I pay for membership?

Our memberships run month-to-month. You can purchase membership and add-on services through PayPal, or use any credit/debit card through Swipe. We will auto-renew your subscription monthly.  

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, anytime. And you can rejoin at any time.





What are essential extra or add-on services? 

In addition to membership, we have other services that we refer to as essential extras or add-on services. These services support our dog sharing vision and help build confidence and trust amongst our members. 

What happens during an In-home Pet Safety Inspection?

During this 30-45 minute visit, our experienced Pup Matchmaker will walk through your home and outdoor areas to ensure objects, plants, and food storage are in safe areas and doors and windows are in working order. You will receive a summary of our findings and recommend changes. You will receive a Safety Badge on your profile once this is complete. 

Why would I get a Canine Background Check when I already know my pup is current on their vaccinations?

Fantastic question! First, it is always great to get confirmation that our pup is current on their standard core vaccines. In addition, there are often life style vaccinations that might benefit your pup based on their travels and socialization levels. It’s a good time to check those as well! Second, when you have your dog’s vaccinations verified, you receive a Health Badge attached to your profile which signals to others in our community you have a healthy pup that they would want to swap care with.  

Is a Human Background Check optional and what data do you collect? 

We verify name and address using public records for all of our members. Some members, and the pup care partner they wish to wrap pup care with, might want to leave all the sensitive and personal questions to us, and choose to have a more detailed background check complete. These checks confirm information you share with us including social security, name match, home addresses, employer and felony convictions.  You will receive a Trust Badge on your profile when you elect to have a background check completed.   

Why would I hire a Pup Matchmaker consultant?

It is easy to sign-up and begin your search for your pup’s new best friend.  And it is fun to attend our Pup Mixers and meet others in our dog loving community. However, many of us are super busy--with work, our pups, family, friends, pastimes and travel--so having everything done for you including developing your profile and conducting searches on your behalf, might be just the thing you need.  Please look at our services page for more details. ​

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