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How Does It Work?



Signing up and taking a peek at your pup's new best friend and your pet sitting partner is EASY! Take a look at how it works.


1. Create a Profile


Tell us a little about you, your pup and playmate preferences. Don't forget to identify the apartment community where you live so you can receive additional benefits and be matched to another dog lover in your community. The more information you share, the better match making results you will receive.


2. Choose Your Plan

If you belong to a participating HOA or apartment community, you may receive special rates and benefits. Contact us! 


We have membership plans that will fit most everyone’s needs. Please visit our membership page to find out more about which plan might be best for you. 


3. Choose Additional Services and Collect Badges

(you can do this at sign-up or anytime after)

We know that free pet care is pretty cool, but we here at Pup Sit Match want your experience to be amazing. That is why we provide additional services that will ensure your future pet sitting partner and your pup's playmate will be safe, healthy and happy.


Check out our essential extras you don't want to miss. Our Premium members and some apartment property managers will receive a 20% discount

on all add-on services. Arf Arf!

In-home pet safety inspection
Canine background check
Human background check


Our home environment should be safe and happy for our pets and pup visitors. Our expert staff will visit your home and conduct a thorough inspection to ensure objects, plants, and food storage are in safe areas and that doors and windows are canine-proofed. Your home report will provide a summary of what we found and recommendations for a safe and happy home. You will receive a Safety Badge once this service is complete. 


Vaccinations are important to the health of our pups and our canine loving community. One of our essential extra services is to verify your pup’s current vaccines. Once these records have been verified you will receive a Health Badge which indicates to others that you care about your pup’s health just as much as they do. Just complete an on-line form and within a couple of days your pup’s core vaccines will be confirmed. 


We have the utmost respect for everyone's privacy. Upon your approval and payment for this service, Pup Sit Match will verify basic information including your name, social security number and home address. Verification on this basic level shows others that they can trust your word and that you are who you say you are. You will receive a Trust Badge once this add on service is complete.

Pup Playmate Agreement


Our Pup Playmate Agreement is an add-on service for those who feel most comfortable having a third party help with deciding what petcare will be exchanged between two pup parents. Our Pup Matchmakers will ensure it is a win-win pup share!

Pup Mixer


Meeting your pup's new best friend prior to committing is important to the matching process.  Our invite-only Pup Mixers are a fun way to meet each other, and while your pups play and socialize, you can meet other pup parents and identify potential dog-care swapping partners. Pup Mixers are free to attend. Check out our events calendar and sign-up!

Pup Matchmaker Consultant


Finding your pup's playmate (and getting free pet care!) using our Propriety Pup Database and attending Pup Mixers is easy and fun. For those who don't have the time, want a personal touch and all the leg work done for them, our Pup Matchmaker service is just the thing for you. Our Pup Matchmakers will conduct database searches, reach out to contacts, and even advertise to find your canine friend and human partner. 



Pet Sitting 101…..learn the basics and more.

Coming soon!



You can be a new pup parent or an experienced canine enthusiast to join our community. If you do have more than five years experience being a pup parent we think you qualify to receive our Experience Badge



Our mega dog lover premium members enjoy free Pup Mixers, monthly swag, discounts on all our services and much more! Sign-up today and get your

Premium Badge.


5. Start Searching for a Match



Once you are signed up, you can start searching for your best Pup-Sit-Match! You can search our pup profile database by preferences, geographical area and specific apartment or condominium community.  


4. Sign Up to Attend a Pup Mixer



Meeting your pup's new best friend prior to committing is important to the matching process.  Our invite-only Pup Mixers are a fun way to meet each other, and while your pups play and socialize, you can identify potential dog-care swapping partners. We ask that you create a profile before you attend one of our free Pup Mixers. Woof! Check out our events calendar

and sign-up! Space is limited.

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