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We are a community comprised of dog lovers who understand the challenges with finding the perfect pet sitter. At Pup Sit Match we value trust, safety and mutually beneficial pup partnering relationships.

What sets Pup Sit Match apart from any other pet care provider out there is our professional services designed to ensure the health and safety of you and your pup sitting partners pooch.

Take a look at our optional add-on services. And remember, if you are premium member you will receive a 20% discount on all these services.



Pup Background Check $35

We will verify your dog's current vaccinations. This will earn you a badge on your profile, immediately giving you the trust of others you would like to swap pet care with. All you have to complete is an easy to fill-in form and within 48 hours, you'll receive your background check badge!


Home Safety Inspection $50

The home safety inspection lets other community members know that your house is the perfect place for pet swap care. Ensuring the safety of other pooches will enable you to make better connections with more pooch owners.


Pup Parent Background Check

Our human background check verifies basic information on our pup parents including name, social security number and home address. We build trust between one another when this basic service is selected.



Pup Playmate Agreement $50

The Pup Playmate Agreement ensures that everything is understood between pet-swappers. Nothing is left to chance and everybody can pet swap on happy terms. Having a Pup Playmate Agreement means that no stone is left unturned in your pet swap care experience. 



Coming soon!

Pup Mixers



Pup Mixers are invitation only playdates for pup parents and their pup. These hour long events--typically held at a local dog park--are organized and hosted by a Pup Matchmaker.  Pup Mixers are a great way to meet other's in our community and find your pup's new best friend. Pup Sit Match plans and hosts our invitation-only Pup Mixers. Visit our events page, sign-up, show-up and have fun! Monthly Pup Mixers are free to our Basic and Premium members. $25

Pup Matchmaker

Finding your pup's playmate (and getting free pet care!) using our Propriety Pup Database and attending Pup Mixers is easy and fun. For those who don't have the time, want a personal touch and want all the leg work done for them, our Pup Matchmaker service is just the thing for you. Our Pup Matchmakers will develop your profile, conduct database searches, reach out to contacts, and even advertise to find your canine friend and human partner. To find out more, visit our events page, sign-up, show-up and have fun! Monthly Pup Mixers are free to Serious and Mega Dog Lover members.

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