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Live in an apartment, want a dog...

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Let's face it, we all want that big backyard where the grill is lit, kids are playing and dogs frolicking. However, we can't always have that, so a densely populated low square footage apartment may be what we get. And who needs all that space anyway.

However, when you consider getting a pup living in 1k sqft. (or less) apartment with or without a balcony, you might consider certain canine breeds that will do better in the limited in-door and outdoor space.

I think you should adopt any pup you want, adoptions and rescuing pups always welcome! When you do get a pup in an apartment setting always consider TIME, ENERGY AND MONEY. Do you have the time it takes to have a healthy and happy pup? do you have the energy for a high-energy, bouncing off the walls puppy AND if not, do you have the resources to pay for a pet sitter, dog walker to help offload some of that energy? Better yet, become a member of PUP SIT MATCH immediately and start sharing pup care with your neighbor.


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