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Happy Hump Day

Get off me, dude.

Get your mind out of the gutter, we are talking about pure, innocent, can-do-no-wrong dogs here! Seriously, mounting--another name for humping used in polite society--can be a serious behavioral problem. Dogs hump other dogs, inanimate objects (pillows, teddy bears, blow-up dolls) and human legs. The good news is your pup probably isn't an exhibitionist or sexual deviant. Further, this embarrassing behavior is most likely a passing phase and with a little training will cease altogether.

These are my top 5 reasons your pup is doing the 'ooby dooby', as my 89 year old father-in-law calls it.

(1) Your pup is feeling a little frisky or aroused. Intact dogs may mount other dogs due to hormones and sexual attraction. Once a pup is spayed or neutered this behavior may cease or lessen. Ensure pups of opposite sex that are intact stay away from each other. Females can get pregnant as early as 5 months, dang that is too young!

(2) Anxiety is another reason why a dog mounts. When a dog gets anxious and scratches, digs or mounts, this is called 'displacement behavior.' Another blog topic, yay!

(3) Non-sexual play is another reason why pups may mount. The Spruce said it like this, "play humping can be a completely normal and acceptable behavior as long as it does not upset the other dog. Some dogs will play hump each other back and forth and everyone is fine with it. Some dogs simply like humping. It's just fun for some dogs. And that's okay."

(4) Status and dominance and social ordering as a reason for mounting is apparently rare. This is the most surprising finding during my research. I have long thought this was the primary reason, but think I'm changing my mind. UC Davis, School of Veterinarian Medicine, Inappropriate Mounting.

(5) It feels good.

Should you penalize these behaviors? Do males do it more than females? Is my dog gay if they hump another male? How do I stop this embarrassing behavior, or do I? All these questions and many more will be answered in the coming hump days. Stay tuned, next Wednesday will be a doozy.

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