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The top 5 things to look for in your pup swapping partner.

(1) Choose someone who truly LOVES dogs, all dogs--Big, small, chubby, skinny, old, young, homely, show quality, short and stubby, tall and lanky, does tricks, misbehaved dogs, dogs that may go poop in the house and dogs that just aren't perfect, but they truly are in the eyes of a dog lover!

(2) Identify someone whose pup parenting style is similar to yours. What best describes your parenting style?

Permissive and liberal These pups typically have no rules and very little, if any, training. These pups cheerfully ignore commands, snatch food off the table and aren't the best walkers. Permissive and liberal parents have the philosophy that dogs will be dogs and are likely huge pushovers. Guilty as charged!

Stern and authoritarian Strict rules and zero tolerance for breaking these rules describes this type of pup parent. These dogs are expected to perform as instructed and when not engages their dog is sitting quietly awaiting his next command. Dang!

Indulgent helicopter worrywart This pup parent is clingy and overly protective. These pups get the best quality food, vitamins and supplements and homemade treats. These pups likely have a webcam on them when their human companion can't be there. The pooch may have their own wardrobe, plenty of toys and beds scattered throughout their home, and a stroller ready to go when they prefer not to walk. This pup parent is hyper aware of any changes in their dog's behavior and anytime their pup looks down (even though they just may be sleepy), they kick in to high gear and do whatever they can to make their pup's tail wag. Been there!

Practical and balanced These parents have a balanced and honest view of their dogs. They understand that canines are not human. They are fine with their pup sleeping next to their bed and not on it. They may believe dogs should eat outside and not share the dinner table with them. The deeply care for their dogs, but don't go overboard on toys, bedding, treats, supplements. These pups are trained, but the pup parents certainly isn't as stern as the authoritarian parent.

(3) Choose a swapping partner who has had Pup Sit Match conduct an in-home pet safety inspection. Our home environment should be safe and happy for our pets and pup visitors. Our expert staff will visit your home and conduct a thorough inspection to ensure objects, plants, and food storage are in safe areas and that doors and windows are canine-proofed. Your home report will provide a summary of what we found and recommendations for a safe and happy home. You will receive a Safety Badge once this service is complete.

(4) Consider exchanging pet care with someone who has experience caring for the same dog group as yours. Here is a quick guide to personalities, tendencies, and quirks of the 7 different dog groups that includes sporting, hound, working, terrier, toy, non-sporting, herding and a miscellaneous category. The Dog Guide

(5) Being calm, cool and composed around dogs is a great trait in a pet swapping partner. Dogs can be unpredictable and things don't always go as planned. A pet sitting partner who is patient and unflappable during difficult situations

(scuffle, eating the wrong thing, etc.) is a must.

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