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Happy Ooby Dooby Hump Day! Stop the behavior or not?

I'm fascinated by canine behavior. Why do they do what they do and how can I read their minds. As a pet sitter I get to observe a variety of personalities, breed traits and quirks first hand every day. Lucky me! Anecdotally, approximately 10% of my pup visitors mount, whether it be humping other dogs, toys or legs.

The last Happy Hump Day post outlined reasons why pups may hump (sexual, social, play, emotional, compulsion), and this week we are going to explore whether or not you should stop the mounting. Honestly, I always thought the behavior should be stopped because I feel bad for the bottom partner (not sure why, bottom is fine). Also, it just seems like something that should be done behind closed doors and not in public for everyone to see. This is what I learned.


IF you have an intact female or male and they are mounting another intact female or male, stop the behavior. The obvious reason to stop the ooby dooby is to prevent unwanted pregnancy, but the other reason, which is just as important, is you don't want pups to be sexually aggressive towards one another.


IF the pups are 'fixed' and there is no issue with pregnancy or general sexually aggressive behavior, assess whether the mounting pup is suffering from anxiety, like separation anxiety or fear of other dogs. If you suspect your pup has stress or anxiety and mounting may be another sign of that, take a look at 5 Signs your Dog is Stressed from PetMD.


IF the pups are having fun and the humping in consensual, and it isn't too embarrassing for you, let them play! Keep in mind that the biggest challenge is to be able to stop the behavior if the humping pup does this to a another dog that isn't interested.

Happy ooby dooby hump day!

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