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Woof, yap yap, ruff ruff ruff

Does your dog bark? Of course they do, that's like asking a human if they talk. Does your pup bark too much? Every person is different and it depends. I'll start to get more helpful soon, read on.

The short answer is you don't want your canine companion barking excessively if they are doing so because they are anxious, fearful, bored, lonely or overly territorial. You probably are okay with them barking if they are protecting you and your family or playing.

Excessive barking should be addressed and appropriate action taken for the safety and happiness of your dog. In addition, a barking dog can disturb your neighbors, mostly if you are in a community where you share walls with your neighbors.

Here are my top 3 tips for reducing your pup's barking and whimpering to ensure a happy pup and happy neighbors.

(1) socialization. Consider taking your pup to a dog park to interact with his/her own kind. You might also try a doggy daycare facility. Or, better yet, swap dog care with a friend, family member or your neighbor. If it is hard for you to find the right person and more importantly the right puppy fit, check out Pup Sit Match, a community of canine lovers who swap dog care.

(2) exercise. A tired dog is a quiet dog. Some days you aren't able to walk or run your dog. Doggy daycare facilities and dog walking business can be very helpful to keep your pup exercised and mellow. If you want to swap dog walks with your neighbor, just ask them. If you would like all the work done for you to find a dog walking swapping partner, join Pup Sit Match and start searching our pup profile database.

(3) entertain. Puzzles, interactive games and pet cameras with treat dispensers are among the many ways you can entertain your pooch while he/she is at home alone. Here are a few to consider This Dogs Life, 10 of the Best Interactive Puzzles and Games for Your Bored Dog. My fav's are:

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